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Plymouth College, Ford Park Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 6RN.




Hydronauts operates our World Class Pathway Programme which has been designed to inspire younger swimmers through developing progressive skills required in the early stages of learn to swim.


For each of the ASA Learn to Swim stages 1-7 we have devised 3 or 4 additional key skills which will help every pupil to reach their full potential at each level. Each of these will be delivered by our teachers and can be monitored through our Parent Portal. This programme has been designed to enhance each pupil's development, its purpose is to develop their skills and increase stamina.


From the first assessment each pupil will be assessed against stages 1-7 or for the very beginners will be assigned to a stage 1 class. Joining Hydronauts will give pupils the best opportunity to learn all appropriate water and safety skills to equip them in the aquatic sport.