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Are all swimming teachers qualified?

--‐ All swimming teachers are ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) level 1 or 2 qualified


Can we watch the lessons?

--‐ You are welcome to watch the lessons in the spectator area. Overshoes (provided at the

pool entry) must be worn


Do I have to remain on site during the swimming lesson?

--‐ Yes an adult responsible for the child must remain on site.


Do lessons run through school holidays and Bank Holidays?

--‐ We operate 48 weeks of the year therefore our lessons will continue through the school

holidays. We intend to run lessons through Bank Holidays providing we have the demand.


Do we get a certificate and badge?

--‐ Children will receive a certificate when they have completed the relevant skills. If they pass the ASA criteria, they will get an ASA certificate and badge. The cost of the certificates and badges is £4.


Do we need to bring anything to the lesson?

--‐ Please come with towel, costume, hair tied up, hat. Hair needs to be off the face. Goggles

are required Stages 3 and above


Do you offer one--‐to--‐one lessons?

--‐ At the moment we are unable to offer one--‐to--‐one lessons. However, please speak to any of the teachers or Administrator and they will try to organise this for you.


How are children assessed?

--‐ Children are assessed continually throughout the term and the instructors follow the National Teaching Plan criteria to assess. Regular feedback will be available to you through our Parents Portal accessible through the website.


How long are the lessons?

--‐ Lessons last 30 minutes. We are considering 45 minute sessions for the more advanced pre--‐competition stages this will be established based on demand.


How long is a term?

--‐ The year will be divided into 5 to 7 week blocks and at the end of each block there will be the opportunity to be assessed for special distance or skills badges. As mentioned before your child will be constantly assessed throughout the year and will not have to wait to the end of a block before they are moved (providing space is available).


How many children are in a class?

--‐ Stages 1 & 2 there will be a maximum of 6 children per class.

--‐ Stage 3 and upwards there will be a maximum of 10 children per class


Is there a waiting list?

--‐ We operate a first come first serve system so if you are interested please register through our website www.hydronauts.co.uk


Lifesaving Requirements

--‐ Our instructors are either National Pool Lifeguard Qualified (NPLQ) or have completed the Royal Lifesaving Society Rescue Test Award for Teachers.


Payment for lessons

--‐ Payment is required in advance for each block of lessons by credit card, cash or payment through our secure payment gateway, lessons are £6 per lesson and £5.10 for a second sibling.


What happens if my child needs to move class during the first 2 weeks of a block?

--‐ If we feel your child needs to be moved their teacher will issue you with a class moving form. The administrator will work with you to find a suitable class. If there is not a space available we will add you to the waiting list and let you know as soon as a space becomes available.


What happens if a lesson is cancelled due to a pool problem etc.?

--‐ If we have to cancel a lesson, a credit will be transferred to your next payment. If you are not returning a refund will be given.


What if my child is sick?

--‐ If your child is unable to attend a lesson due to sickness, please, where possible provide us with a medical note. Any credit/refund will be at the discretion of the Head Coach.


What part of the pool do children learn in?

--‐ Stages 1 2 & 3 will be in the shallow end of the pool. Stages 4 and above will be in the mid/deep end.


Where do the children go on their first lesson?

--‐ Please sign in and collect their hat and wristband from Reception, use the appropriate changing room, boys over the age of 7 must use the male changing room, shower, enter the poolside and then wait with a parent until the start of the lesson.


How long does it take to learn to swim?

--‐ Every child is different and needs to progress at their pace. Learning to swim is a life skill that takes time and practice. The Hydronauts LTS programme is extremely easy and is adapted to individual needs. Your child's age, willingness to learn and regular attendance are all important to ensure success. We recommend that your child attends their lessons

consistently throughout the year to give them the best start in learning this life long skill.


Why does my child have to wear a hat?

--‐ The Hydronauts use colour--‐coded swim hats to identify your child's current skill level. Swim hats also keep hair off the face, give your child a goal to strive for and ensure that they are in the correct area of the pool. If your child is unwilling or unable to wear the hat --‐ please let

us know and we will discuss this on an individual basis.


If a child is scared to learn, should the parents be involved in the learning process or not?

--‐ If your child becomes distressed during lessons our team are all experienced with handling these situations and find that parental intervention is usually not necessary.


How do I book for a course?

--‐ Once you have completed your registration you will be able to enrol for courses through our website parent portal or alternatively you can phone or email our administrator info@hydronauts.co.uk Once we receive your booking form we will then either book you in for the next available course or put you on a waiting list for the time of your choice.


What is your policy on photographing my child?

--‐ In accordance with our child protection policy, photographing or videoing is not allowed either in the pool or changing rooms. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used poolside and should be either switched off or be on 'silent'. From time to time we might engage the services of a professional photographer who will be fully CRB checked and no images will be

used without your explicit permission.


What happens if I cancel my course?

--‐ Once a place has been booked, no refund will be given less than 28 days prior to the start date. Courses cancelled with more than 28 days notice will be refunded in full minus a £15.00 administration fee.


Can I do a catch up lesson as my child has been ill?

--‐ Catch up lessons may be available if three or more lessons have been missed due to illness, this is at the discretion of your teacher, Head Coach and availability.


Can I pay only for the lessons we will be attending?

--‐ Unfortunately you will have to pay for the whole course to guarantee your place. Although the above rule for catch ups may apply.


How do I re--‐enrol for the next course?

--‐ Near the end of each block of lessons, you will be able to re--‐enroll through the Parent Portal or alternatively a re--‐enrolment form will be available from the Administrator. Priority will be given in the following order:

1. Those already in Hydronauts who are not changing their lesson time.

2. Those already in Hydronauts who wish to change their lesson time.

Priority is also dependent on re--‐enrolment being received prior to the cut--‐off date, which is usually two weeks prior to the end of a course. After the cut--‐off date places will then be allocated to our waiting list.